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Fitness Tips to Help You Tighten Your Tummy

Standard abs exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups are at times extremely mundane. The exercises discussed below will keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Some are a bit challenging, but the good thing is that they do not require the use of any exercise equipment. They can be performed anywhere, with some requiring only thirty seconds to implement.

You have to ensure that you perform each exercise for approximately thirty seconds. Take a thirty-second break in between your workouts.

You may choose to add them to your existing fitness routines or decide to perform them as a standup routine.

1. Press and Resists Exercises to Improve Your Fitness

Lie on a flat surface with your face up. Ensure your knees are bent and place your feet firmly on the ground beneath you. Proceed to contract your core as you draw the knees towards the navel.

Make sure to form a ninety-degree angle while drawing the knees, in such a way that your shins will be parallel with the surface. Place your palms slightly above your knees so that they rest on the thighs.

Gently press your palms on your thighs, as you simultaneously resist this pressure using your knees. You should strive to maintain equal balance from your thighs and palms. This is to ensure that you do not lose the ninety-degree angle. You can see more tips on daniela suarez’s blog

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2. Clockwise Helicopters for a Tight Tummy

Lie on the ground with your face up. Bend your knees and ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the surface below you. Extend your arms to your sides with the palms facing downwards.

Slowly contract your core. Take a deep inhalation before drawing the knees towards your chest. Proceed to exhale as you press the lower part of your back onto the floor. As you are exhaling, gently extend your feet to face the ceiling.

Always ensure that the core is contracted. Once contracted, start flexing your toes towards the ceiling, while circling your legs in a clockwise direction. As you are doing this, the legs should remain fully extended, and your hips should remain firmly fixed to the ground.

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3. Tracing a Triangle Exercise Technique

Place your body in a pushup position. Your hands should be well lined with your shoulders, and your feet should be placed hip-width apart. Gently contract your core.

While at it, use your left hand to reach out as far as possible. Ensure that the left side is at a forty-five-degree angle. Repeat this with the right hand.

Your hands should now be lying side by side. Using the right hand, reach out as far as possible in the front area of your head. This should then be followed by your left hand.

Use the right hand to reach backward, ensuring that you maintain a forty-five-degree angle at all times. Repeat these steps using the other hand. 

On completion, the hand pattern should appear as though you have just traced a full triangle. Try and reverse the directions of every step. Continue alternating the directions, making sure that you take breaks in between.


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