Fitness and Nutrition: Why Italians are thought to have the Best Eating Habits

//Fitness and Nutrition: Why Italians are thought to have the Best Eating Habits

Fitness and Nutrition: Why Italians are thought to have the Best Eating Habits

Italians are known to have some of the best cuisines in the world. But unfortunately, many people assume that eating microwaved lasagna while catching up with their favorite TV shows counts as healthy eating.

Italy is not only one of the healthiest countries globally, but it also happens to be the home of pasta and pia. Each year, it records low obesity rates thanks to its delicious pasta, fresh produce, and healthy fats.

As such, there are very many reasons why you should start adopting healthy Italian habits on your own. The following are some of them:

Healthy Eating Habits Advocate for Family Style Eating

If you are one of those people who recommend splitting different menu items, you should start embracing this particular Italian custom. Past studies have intimated that many Italians choose to enjoy their food family style, with very few Americans doing the same.

For Italians, communal eating is an integral part of their culture. This means that one can get to enjoy different types of foods all in a single consumption.

Apart from enjoying different cuisines, this food could also assist you to improve your general well-being. Communal dining makes it possible for you to prioritize your social relationships. As such, you will get to boost your mortality, morbidity, and mental health.

 Try and Equate Your Dining Experience with Leisure

A large percentage of the Italian population believes that dining should be a leisure activity. They recommend that you think of the whole activity as meditation exercises for your stomach and mouth.

You could also think of your dining experience as a calming activity that you should start enjoying. Slow eating will help you become full much more quickly. You will, therefore, only require partaking a small portion of food for you to become satisfied, and also gain some enjoyment from the meal.

For those who find it hard to socialize over their meals, they should consider taking on mindful eating practices. Here, you should try and think about chewing the food, while enjoying a mouthful of your meals, before you can start pushing more food on to your fork.

This is better than chewing and reloading on your food. It helps ensure that your stomach and mind are united during the entire exercise, from start to finish.

It Is Time to Embrace a Mediterranean Kind of Diet

By now you have probably heard that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest foods in the world. You should be embracing the diet instead of partaking in hot dogs and sub-par burgers at the workplace.

Mediterranean diets are considered to be healthy and nutritious and are mainly native to the Southern parts of Italy. An excellent Mediterranean food should comprise of olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

It should also have moderate amounts of wine, poultry, fish, and some fermented dairy products. If possible, throw in small to moderate amounts of red meat. This diet will enable you to eat healthy, without doing away with the delicious food items.

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