Nutrition and Lifestyle Preferences of Many Americans

//Nutrition and Lifestyle Preferences of Many Americans

Nutrition and Lifestyle Preferences of Many Americans

Many Americans are obsessed with the concept of healthy eating. For one, the healthy eating movement began trending in the United States in the early 80’s.

During this period, many Americans took up fitness routines in a bid to remain fit, and stay healthy. The movement received a boost during the Obama administration when the first lady took up nutrition as her pet cause.

But what do latest surveys have to say about their eating preferences and habits?

Many People in the US Pay Attention to the Concept of Healthy Eating, Even Though Some Miss the Mark

Americans collectively pay attention to the healthy eating concept, but they do not always embrace what the knowledge they have gained.

 A majority are keen on the kinds of foods that they eat, with many opting to cook food at home, as opposed to buying junk food. With proper nutrition education, many will be able to change their eating habits for the better.

As much as many opt to cook at home, there is still a small group that confesses to eating junk food on a weekly basis. This means that there is still a long way to go before healthy eating can be fully embraced.

How Often Do People Consume Veggies and Fruits?

A common problem with many Americans is that they do not follow the recommendations provided by the government with regards to the consumption of veggies and fruits.

The government recommends that one consumes at least five fruits and vegetable servings on a given day. Organic food lovers are more likely to achieve this goal, while the ordinary American will confess to eating less than four meals in a day.

The same cannot be said for red meat and poultry. A large percentage of the population eats meat on a daily basis, while another group consumes it at least once a week. For this team, the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle appears boring for them, and are, therefore, less likely to be found eating veggies or fruits.

Eating Philosophies and Styles Vary from Person to Person

Individuals have different approaches to healthy eating. Some focus on nutrition and taste, while others solely place their focus on convenience.

People who are highly concerned about genetically modified foods tend to pay more attention to what they eat, than those who are not interested in the matter. It is an issue that affects their approach to nutrition and healthy eating.

A Good Percentage of the Population Suffers from Food Intolerance

Many adults and children are today experiencing allergic reactions to foods more than ever before. The concern about food sensitiveness and allergies is often seen in many places.

It can be seen in the public school’s lunch programs, and in the way that manufacturers package their goods. Some manufacturers have even gone as far as offering alternatives to some of the most popular allergies reported by the populace.

This is what has led to the emergence of bakeries devoted to providing gluten-free products to those who are allergic to wheat.

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