Using Proper Nutrition Habits to Treat Gut Bacteria

//Using Proper Nutrition Habits to Treat Gut Bacteria

Using Proper Nutrition Habits to Treat Gut Bacteria

One unknown fact to many people is that gut bacteria can alter, and affect your moods on a day-to-day basis. Recent studies have indicated that the critters found in your gut have the capability of changing how you feel, how you respond to different scenarios, and how you go about your daily activities.

But this need not always be the case. It is possible for you to cultivate healthier bacteria in your gut, by following the tips below:

Become Fit by Taking up Fitness Routines

The bacterium in your gut doesn’t like to lie around, being lazy. The bacteria are much happier when you are working out.

It is the reason why athletes tend to have microbiomes that are much healthier as compared to the ordinary people. Athletes are always working out, which means that they are always breaking a sweat.

The microbiota in your gut is often affected by many exercises, which include:

  • Engaging in physical activities
  • Increasing the transit time of food through your gut
  • Altering your immune functions
  • Influencing the metabolism rate

A change in any of the above means that your gut bacterium is likely to become much healthier leading to fewer diseases.

Consume Less Animal Products and Red Meat

Your diet has a significant influence on the state of the gut bacteria. Taking up a diet rich in animal products, e.g., red meat and poultry is not great for you.

It often leads to the development of microbiomes known as Bilophila. These particular microbiomes are not suitable for your gut in any way.

Their presence increases your chances of your gut becoming inflamed, as well as being affected by various intestinal diseases.

An increase in the number of these microbiomes will also cause a change in your behavior, as your mood levels will be altered, making it hard for you to reason as you usually would.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep at Night

The inflammation messengers in your gut often have cycles that can easily be influenced by your gut critters. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and when it goes up during the morning hours, bacteria present in your gut starts inhibiting the cytokines.

What this means is that there is likely to be a shift, which will define your transition between REM sleep and Non-Rem sleep.

As such, disrupting your gut bacteria is likely to have a negative implication on your sleeping patterns. The best way to go about balancing the gut bacteria is to ensure that you are getting consistent sleep each night.

It is recommended that you try and get around eight hours of sleep each night. A good sleeping hygiene comes in handy in helping balance your guts.

Try to Lower Your Stress Levels

When the body is stressed, it starts to discharge adrenaline and natural steroids. The body, in turn, reacts by releasing inflammatory cytokines.

It is a natural response of the body and will occur regardless of whether you are facing a real threat or not. Your body will continue sending these responses if it realizes that you are stressed all the time.

Your gut bugs will react by inflaming your gut.

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